Marriage and Family Therapy

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As a core component of our therapeutic program, we offer marriage and family therapy. Research shows that addiction is a family disease, and thus the effects of substance abuse do not stop with the addict. Mind Right’s staff is trained in both psychotherapy and family systems to adequately treat not just the client, but the family too. While our staff primarily treats the individual, we also incorporate couples and families in their own therapy to incorporate the complete family system.

Why do we treat the family?

Many family members of individuals struggling with addiction don’t think they need therapy because the addict is the one with the identifiable problem. However Mind Right’s staff believes that because of the depth of their relationships, couples and families face distinctive issues that can contribute and perpetuate the illness of addiction. Our programs involve understanding symptoms of addiction, and patterns of environment, with an emphasis on family dynamics and how they can impact recovery and well-being.

Benefits of Marriage and Family Therapy

Relationships and connection are a vital foundation for recovery. All of our therapies are based on the notion that families and relationships share a connection. By modifying one component of the system, you can affect the other components, meaning the health of our family and relationships can play a major role in the success of recovery.