Our Mission

Our Vision is to meet the needs of clients where they are at. Brighter Life of Nevada is for those aiming to improve their quality of life! We offer a wide option of services that work together to provide the best of care. Whether you're on a journey to self sufficiency, looking to expand your skill set, or need some help through emotional stress, life's trauma or more - we're here to help!

Our Approach

1 Our approach to wellness involves both treating the body and mind. Our mental health consultant team of professionals, have specialty training in connection between the body and mind, when it comes to your health.

2 Our mental health team works in conjunction with your primary care doctor considering the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your health and help determine a course of action that is best for you.

3 Brighter Life is flexible and sensitive to a persons needs and treat the whole person. We acknowledge and respond to the crisis people face when they leave the counseling room. We integrate the basic needs into case conceptualization, treatment and treatment planning.


Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Based on an assessment we collaboratively develop a treatment plan designed to reach the therapy goals that you establish. Progress towards your therapy goals is regularly monitored. In the context of a warm and trusting therapy relationship cognitive behavior therapy is an active, structured psychological treatment designed to help you feel better and lead a more meaningful life.


Our Clinicians conduct individual evaluations as a way to compare performance across a spectrum to determine a persons state of being and make judgments about their mental health. It is a formative process that evolves over time with feedback and input from clients.

IOP/Group Therpay

Our providers will work with each client as an individual, addressing the client's unique needs through an integrated approach. The client will develop healthy boundaries, the appropriate way of expressing emotions through effective communications that result in increased self-esteem, self-regulation, and control as well as life skills.

Bio Feedback

Our clinicians will use this process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions of one's own body, primarily using electronic or other instruments, with a goal of giving better control of oneself.